Birthday December 3 (Sagittarius) 
Birthplace  Ontario, Canada 
Ancestry  Irish/Polish 
Religion Christian 
Education B.A., B.Ed. Business Specialist 
Status  Still Single 
Hobbies Travel, reading, sports, gardening, and being on the ranch 
Bad Habits No Smokiní or Tokiní (a little wine is just fine) 
Favorite Color Purple 
Favorite Foods Chicken, Fish, Italian 
Favorite Car  Buicks
Favorite Writer Gordon Lightfoot 
Influences &  Favorite Singers (male)    Hank W, George M, Marty R, Elvis, Neil D, Merle H, Waylon, Keith W, George S, Alan J, Mister Brooks. Etc.
Favorite Singer (female) Classified "Top Secret " (ask her!) 

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